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Food Fight Documentary Review

Food Fight is a great new documentary that we watched over the holidays.  It’s a bit different than some of the other documentaries that we’ve reviewed in that it shows the history of food production in our country and gives detailed answers about what is wrong with our food supply and how we can fix it.

There are a number of wonderful interviews with Alice Waters, Michael Pollan & Marion Nestle, among others.

One quote from Michael Pollan says, “The industrial food system is not doing what a food system is supposed to do – which is to keep a population healthy. Our food system is making us sick”

The original farm bills were created to help feed the hungry and when women went into the workplace during World War 2, they wanted convenient ways to prepare foods and so the start of processed foods was born.

The goal of farms used to be feeding people with good food at a reasonable price. When Earl Butz became head of the USDA his goal changed to profit and creating cheap food. “Grow as much food as you can”, he said, “We’ll sell it.” Then food production changed to quantity, instead of quality.

Our farmers did not benefit from the subsidies, the buyers do.  The big corporations who buy the corn and soy cheaply and use it to make the processed food that’s destroying people’s health and well-being. Fruits and vegetables –  that we need for good health are considered specialty crops. Those are the farmers we need to subsidize, corn and soy are not what we should be eating and don’t support us being healthy.

During the early 1970’s Alice Waters opened Chez Panisse and through her restaurant she supported a network of local and organic farmers.  She set a whole new food economy into motion, because she found that local and organic food just tasted better.

We have of course since learned that aside from taste it’s better for our health, our farmers health, and the environment as well.  The movie really brings home how the choices we make every day for every meal really make a difference in our food supply.

This is a great movie, interesting and informative too.

Before you prepare your next meal – watch this movie!  

        Sheri – Moms for Safe

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