It’s Time for Moms to change the world!

We live in one of the most prosperous countries in the world and in the past fifty years there have been great changes in what we eat.  Agriculture and food processing have become more industrialized, and our foods have been taken from their natural state.

Genetically Modified seed and the foods grown from them are now in more than 90% of processed foods.

There have been no studies proving this food as safe and unlike in Europe where there are labeling laws, there is nothing on our food labels to tell you if the food you are eating has genetically modified ingredients in it.

Moms for Safe Food is a popular website and blog that was launched in February 2009.

Our site was created in response to the documentary, The Future of Food. We were concerned that there was so little in the media about GMO’s and that many of our friends and neighbors were eating genetically modified foods everyday, but knew nothing about them.

We decided to gather information about GMO’s, so there would be a family friendly site for all of us to find out about what’s been going on with our food supply.  We also have some great recipes.

Our goal is to reach as many families, and schools as we can so that all our friends and neighbors will get to make informed decisions about what they are eating. Also, so we can join forces in getting GMO’s labeled and off the market.

Moms for Safe Food is here to help keep us informed and up to date. Let’s learn what we can do, take action, and make a difference.

Because all our kids, family and friends deserve safe food.

Here’s the trailer for Genetic Roulette, Jeffrey Smith’s new film. Watch it, share it, time to fix our food supply.


Here’s a brilliant new video from Robyn O’Brien about how GMOs are affecting us and our children.



Here’s another one, about what’s in GMOs that we don’t want in us or our children!


Here’s one more video by Jeffrey Smith, The Hidden Dangers in Kids Meals:

Moms for Safe Food

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