What we can do

Call or send a letter to your senators and representatives for your district and tell them to promote and support bills calling for mandatory labeling and safety testing of GE foods. Because they have not been tested, all GE food should be taken off the market until proven safe.

Eat organic and local food. Organic food is GMO free and is better for us, the farmer who grows it, and the environment. Support your local farmer’s market, CSA (community supported agriculture), or grow your own. There is nothing better then freshly picked organic food.

Educate yourself.  Watch “The Future of Food”, “Fresh” & “Genetic Roulette” and then vote with your fork. If we buy and demand organic, non-genetically modified, sustainable food big Ag will come around.

Join Organic Consumers, Millions Against Monsanto Campaign: http://organicconsumers.org/monsanto/index.cfm

Join The Institute for Responsible Technology’s Action Campaign: http://www.responsibletechnology.org/take-action/join-the-campaign

Encourage your local school board to serve school lunches which use organic ingredients and to boycott any food that contains GMO ingredients.

Call or Fax the ‘Frankenfood Fifteen.’ Tell them to remove GMO ingredients, including rBGH, from their brand products or you won’t buy them anymore.

Starbucks 800-235-2883 206-447-3432

Kraft / Nabisco 800-543-5335 847-646-2922

Shaws 888-431-7429 508-313-3111

Kellogg’s 800-962-1413 616-961-2871

Frito-Lay 800-352-4477 972-334-5071

Campbell Soup 800-257-8443 856-342-3878

Quaker Oats 800-367-6287

Nestle 800-225-2270 818-549-6952

Safeway 877-723-3929 925-467-2005

Heinz Foods 888-472-8437 412-456-6128

Procter & Gamble 800-331-3774

McDonald’s 630-623-6198 630-623-6942

Coca-Cola 800-438-2653 770-989-3640

General Mills 800-328-1144 612-764-8330

Hershey’s 800-468-1714 888-431-7429

The money we spend, or don’t spend on their products will add up and if they hear from enough of us, they’ll have to start listening!