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July News

I find it very interesting that the ‘news’ and ‘public health’ sources make all these proclamations but never bother to cite scientific references. All of what they call ‘anti-vaccine’ sites include the links to the actual science.

Always follow the science and follow the money.


A great series of talks here.  Both Dr’s are brilliant and share lots of interesting info. The link is to episode 4, but I do suggest starting at episode 1 and watching them all.

Great, brand new film about the 1986 Act that took away liability for vaccine manufacturers. Really important info to watch and share.

The best weekly show I have found for accurate information about what is going on in these crazy times is The Highwire with Del Bigtree. Here’s this weeks show:

Another very interesting video from today, Attorneys Robert F Kennedy jr, and Alan Dershowizt did a vaccine debate this morning. We need to be able to talk about vaccines, vaccine injury and the tobacco science that the companies are using.

That’s this months new. Be well and stand strong. Mom