Frequently Asked Questions

What are GMOs?

GMOs – short for genetically modified organisms – is a man-made organism created in a laboratory and patented by a corporation or the USDA. GMOs are created by a process called genetic engineering.

How are GMOs different from traditional cross-breeding?

Traditional cross-breeding is creating natural hybrids, such as crossing two varieties of roses, different types of squashes, or different breeds of dogs or cats.

GMOs are made by actually splicing a gene from a virus or another species into the GMO seed.  Some examples are, fish genes being spliced into tomatoes,  human genes in corn, mouse genes in potatoes.

Why haven’t GMO foods been tested?

The makers of these organisms stated that GM crops are the same as natural crops. The U.S. regulatory agencies have accepted this assurance and listed them as GRAS (generally recognized as safe) so there has not been adequate testing to determine the affects of these crops on human health.

Do GMOs reduce pesticide use?

No, A comprehensive 2003 study shows that GM crops planted in the US since 1996 have increased pesticide use by 50 million pounds.

Will GMOs end world hunger?

No. University studies show that GMO crops produce significantly lower yields than natural varieties. Furthermore, GMOs are patented and make it illegal for farmers worldwide to save seed as they have done for thousands of years.

What can I do to get GMO food labeled and tested?

Call or send a letter to your senators and representatives for your district and tell them to promote and support bills calling for mandatory labeling and safety testing of GE foods. Because they have not been tested, all GE food should be taken off the market until proven safe. And click the link below to sign the petition to President Obama asking for labeling of our food!  http://www.seedsofdeception.com/Public/Home/index.cfm