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GMOs in the News

GMOs in the News – November 2011

Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving  – Mom

The good new is that the California Ballot initiative has been filed and we should be ready to start gathering signatures In early January.  If you are in California, please join us – even a few hours a month – to help gather signatures from January thorough April.  If you are not in California and want GMOs labeled – please donate!  Even $5 will make a difference. And getting GMOs labeled in CA will get them labeled for everyone in the US. Companies are not going to have separate labels for one state.

Here’s the donation link:

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Thanksgiving Moneybomb for GMO Labeling


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Grain Free French Toast

I found the original recipe in a low carb cookbook. It looked good and is pretty easy too. It makes enough to either serve two to three people or for a few days of leftovers.


4 large, organic, pastured eggs

½ cup full-fat Ricotta cheese

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A Parent’s Guide to GMOs

A Parent’s Guide to GMOs and the Ballot Initiative

This is from a great brochure created by one of the people working on the campaign – let’s pass this along to all the moms we know and get the word out! Hope you have a great week.  – Mom


Given the questions, we have a right to know what’s in our foods.

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