A Parent’s Guide to GMOs

A Parent’s Guide to GMOs and the Ballot Initiative

This is from a great brochure created by one of the people working on the campaign – let’s pass this along to all the moms we know and get the word out! Hope you have a great week.  – Mom


Given the questions, we have a right to know what’s in our foods.

Stand with us. Join us to require integrity in food labeling.


What are GMO’S

Genetically Modified organisms, often called genetically engineered (GE). The correct scientific term is “transgenics.” This is a process whereby the genes of one species are inserted into another species. For the purposes of this initiative, the term does not include hybrids, selective breeding, grafting or MAS (Marker Assisted Selection)

What’s your Rush?

            New studies point to increased health risks.  Numerous vegetables, fruits and animal products are being developed and considered for approval.  We are concerned with the recent deregulation of the high cross pollinator, alfalfa.  We want to do all we can to ensure our children have the option of organic dairy and meats.

What has changed?

            In the last 15 years, novel proteins, allergens and toxins have been introduced into the American food supply in order to enhance profitability for the food industry. No human trials were ever conducted to assess the safety of these chemicals on children, leading other developed countries to take a precautionary approach and these ingredients were not introduced into the food supplies in other developed countries. Increasing scientific evidence continues to demonstrate the impact that these chemicals are having on our health and particularly on the health of our children, their developing immune systems, nervous systems and gastrointestinal and digestive systems (in which 70% of a child’s immune systems is found).

Our Intimate Relationship with Food

In 1996, the United States adopted widespread use of genetically modified crops due to growing public concern over the health risks associated with the industrial spraying of insecticidal and pesiticidal toxins.

In an effort to reduce the spraying of these toxins, scientists began using biotechnology to engineer these pesticides and insecticides into the plants themselves.

As a result, chemical use has increased to an extreme amount of around 180 million more pounds per year being used.

As these ingredients were introduced around the world ten years ago, government agencies in Europe, Asia, Australia, Japan, Russia and over 30 developed countries required them to be listed on food labels, so that consumers could make informed choices when it came to feeding their families.

In the United States, our regulatory agencies do not require these genetically engineered ingredients to be labeled.

So, unlike other developed countries, we have not been informed that almost 70% of our corn, 90% of our soy and 75% of our processed food now contain neurotoxins, novel proteins and allergens.

Today one out of every three children suffers from allergies, asthma, autism or ADHD. It appears that we have unknowingly and without informed consent engaged our children in one of the largest human trials in history.
Ten years into this human trial, our children are trying to tell us something.

Shouldn’t we listen?

Worldwide Labeling

There are over 40 countries who require labeling of GMO’s. Many US companies sell them GMO-free versions of products sold in the US that contain them.


Number of Crops Worldwide

USA: Soy/93%, Corn 86%, Cotton 93%, Papaya 80%, Canola 93%, Zucchini 13%, Sugar beets (which can be listed as ‘sugar’ in any processed food) 95%

Why do we want them Labeled:

         The main reason we want them labeled is that we see enough independent data to suggest possible health risks. We don’t want to eat them but we can’t know which foods they are in if they aren’t labeled.  It’s a basic consumer right we are asking for– given the conflicting data and our mistrust in an industry that has been proven to hide negative findings, we have the right to know what we are buying and putting in our children’s mouths.

The Initiative

A grassroots movement to get an initiative that would require mandatory labeling of genetically modified food.

In the U.S., 24 states have an initiative process. What this means is that if the people want a law and they cannot get their legislators to enact it, the people can come together and get the law on the ballot to vote for it directly.

It’s time to send a strong, direct message to those who govern us, whether it be agency or elected, that we want genetically engineered foods labeled.

What can we do now?

Spread the word: Tell everyone you know. Especially everyone who lives in California.

Volunteer:  If you live in CA: Sign the Pledge to gather Signatures for this Fall.

Join the Team: Visit the site to see what we want to create and if you see yourself wanting it.

Donate: We are a grassroots movement and need everyone’s support. Initiatives are very expensive. Those who want to see a labeling vote fail have tremendous resources to try and silence us. If you’re not in California, please donate! Even a few dollars will make a difference and getting labeling here will make it happen for the whole country.

Learn more at the links below

2012 Ballot Initiative Campaign Website: 





You can also become part of our Facebook page to get the latest details and updates for our Community.     https://www.facebook.com/labelgmos


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