June 2022

Lots of really great articles and videos this month. Links below. xo Mom

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May 2022

The numbers are even higher now…

Important article by James Lyons-Weiler,

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April 2022

It’s long, but the Defeat the Mandate rally in LA on April 10th is really worth watching. https://thehighwire.com/

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March 2022

Here are some great videos and articles to watch/read this month. Love, Mom

DC Defeat the Mandates event

Here is excellent coverage of the DC event. Worth watching the whole event on TheHighwire.com as well. Sending love to all our truckers! Love, Mom

Joe Rogan interviews Dr. Malone

If you only listen/watch one show this month, (other then TheHighwire.com of course) – listen to this. A brilliant interview. Thank you Joe Rogan for sharing the truth! Happy New Year! Love, Mom

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December Newas

If you have any hope that our government agencies actually represent the people (and not the pharmaceutical industry), read this. Mom

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November News

I am so thankful for all the doctors and scientists around the world who are standing up and speaking the truth. I am thankful for all the organizations who are doing the same: ICANDecide.org , Children’s Health Defense, Organic Consumers, etc. I am especially thankful for all the individual warriors moms and dads standing up for truth and for our children. I salute you! Love, Mom

David Martin did two incredible talks this month. The first at the Weston Price Foundation Conference and the Second at the Red Pill Expo. Here are the links:

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October News

Here are some important stories for this month. Love, Mom

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The Story of Ivermectin

Did you know that the only way they could get Emergency Use Approval of the shot was if there were no other viable treatments?  This is why all other treatments have been censored and suppressed. 

This is a very informative video of just one of those treatments, Ivermectin.

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