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June News

The Free and Brave conference from a few weeks ago. Dr. Sherry Tenpenny, Dr. Carrie Madej and Dr. David Martin were just some of the speakers. You can watch online or download for free. Watch and share! love, Mom

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May News

Here are some great interviews I recommend this month. Love, Mom

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April News

This is one of the best articles I’ve seen on the CV vax. It’s got links to all the science. Please read and share. xo Mom

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March News

Couldn’t resist! LOL. So much going on. I hope you all are well, in these crazy times. Never stop fighting for your freedom! Mom

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February News

Some great info out there, being censored as usual. If they are fighting so hard to censor it – it usually is the truth. Mom

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January 2021

Is it really a ‘Vaccine’

Where to start this month… They rolled out the ‘vaccine’ it’s not even licensed by the FDA yet. It’s an experimental technology, not even actually a ‘vaccine’ it’s gene therapy. Traditional vaccines like measles have a bit of the virus so that in principle your body can develop some immunity. This covid treatment is not that.

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December 2020

Some links and news. Wishing everyone a happy and healthy holiday season. Mom

The above is a list of possible side effects from the CV vac – No animal tests, no long term testing, no independent testing.

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September News

Here’s the best of the recent news. Love, Mom

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August News

There is so much going on but the best thing I’ve seen all month is Plandemic Indoctornation. The virus is real, the pandemic is manufactured…this film has documented info… please watch and share! Mom

You can watch both the documentary and see an interview with the director here:

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July News

I find it very interesting that the ‘news’ and ‘public health’ sources make all these proclamations but never bother to cite scientific references. All of what they call ‘anti-vaccine’ sites include the links to the actual science.

Always follow the science and follow the money.

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