Gluten and Sugar Free Chocolate


Sugar & Gluten Free Chocolate

I’ve been playing around with different homemade chocolate ideas that are both sugar and gluten free.  This is a great recipe and you can make it with many different variations. I had a variety of chocolate molds already from a chocolate kit that one of my kids got me (he likes chocolate;) for a gift a few years ago.  You can find them on Amazon, at Michaels and at any candy making supply store. They are only a few dollars apiece and work great. This recipe uses whey protein powder. I had never used it before but found one by Dr. Mercola that is GMO free from grass fed cows, and sweetened with stevia, but you can skip it if you’d like.  I’ve made it with both cocoa butter and with coconut manna (or coconut oil) substituted for the cocoa butter. Both are really good. You can add nuts, dried fruit and if you like spicy chocolate add a little cayenne or curry power.  One batch filled two mold sheets. Whenever I have a little extra I mix it on waxed paper with nuts and make chocolate bark.



2 oz.  Organic Cocoa Butter (or Coconut Manna, or Coconut oil)

2 oz. Organic Unsweetened Chocolate

½  cup  Whipping or Heavy Cream, preferable organic and raw

2 tsp.   SweetLeaf Stevia Powder  (use less & to taste if you’re using liquid stevia)

1/8 tsp. Celtic Sea salt

1 tsp. Organic Vanilla Extract

6 Tablespoon of Whey Protein Powder



Get your chocolate molds out, or you can use a sheet pan covered with a layer of wax paper.  I don’t oil my molds, after the chocolate is frozen they pop out pretty easily.

Chop the cocoa butter and chocolate into small pieces. Place into a double boiler or a glass bowl and melt over hot — not boiling — water.  Remove from heat and stir to combine.

In a food processor or blender, combine the cream, stevia, salt and vanilla.  (You can just mix it all up with a spoon but with the whey it will dissolve better if you blend it).  Pulse to combine.  Add the whey protein and pulse to combine. Let sit for a minute or two to dissolve the protein powder, then blend briefly until smooth.

With the motor running, slowly add the chocolate mixture. Pour into your chocolate molds, or onto waxed paper – you can put it by the spoonful to make bite sized pieces.  Freeze for a few hours and then you’ll be able to unmold it. I freeze it in a plastic container.  It melts pretty fast once it’s out of the freezer, but is so good.  Enjoy!

Carb and variation notes: Net carb count for the entire batch is under 11 grams. You can make a ‘milk chocolate variation, decreasing the unsweetened chocolate to ½ oz and using a little less stevia with net carbs under 9 grams and you can make a white chocolate bar by omitting the dark chocolate and increasing the cocoa butter to 3 oz, the vanilla to 2 tsp and the whey to ½ cup.  Net carbs under 6 grams for the whole batch.

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