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We belong to a CSA and get a wonderful box of fruit and vegetables from a local farm all year long, so I haven’t been to our local farmers market in a while.

We decided to go a few weeks ago to pick up some summer fruit and see what else was around and when we got there I was astounded; it was easily double the size of last summer.  There were a lot more booths including one selling grass fed meat, it was wonderful.

One of the long time sellers at the market, Eva, has always had the most wonderful fruit and vegetables.  She and her husband sell everything from peaches and plums to apple and persimmons and they are always wonderful, as well as organic.  This time when we went to Eva’s booth she had ‘Non-GMO’ added to every one of her signs, and was telling all her customers that her produce was Non-GMO.  I was so happy to see that she was making so many people aware of what GMO’s are, to me that’s been a big part of the battle, that so many people don’t even know what GMO’s are.

This past weekend we went back and I gave Eva 50 flyers I had from the Institute of Responsible Technology on GMO health risks. You can get a free copy and you can print and distribute them for free at:,5176


If the download links don’t work, find it here:

So this weeks post is about how powerful it is to educate people about GMO’s. It’s time to let everyone know and get them out of our food supply. We did it with rbGH in milk, we can do it with GMO’s in our seeds and food.

And don’t forget to visit your local farmers market. 🙂

Here’s a great video by Jeffrey Smith about the tipping point and how we can see an end to GMO’s in our food supply.

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