SB276 is an Outrage

SB276 is an outrage

California currently has one of the most restrictive vaccine policies in the country.  There are only a few states that have taken away the religious and personal exemptions and do not allow children to go to school if they do not have a number of vaccines. West Virginia and Mississippi are the only other states as restrictive as ours.

In 2015 Senator Pan (who has taken tens of thousands of dollars from the pharmaceutical industry) authored SB 277, which kept children out of school unless they were vaccinated for nine diseases with sixteen doses.

This list includes Hepatitis B, which is a sexually transmitted disease! (Why are we giving this vaccine to newborn babies when their moms have already been tested for Hepatitis when pregnant?)

The only reason Governor Brown signed SB277 into law was because “The Legislature, after considerable debate, specifically amended SB 277, to exempt a child from immunizations whenever the child’s physician concluded that there are circumstances, including but not limited to, family medical history, for which the physician does not recommend immunization…” (Gov. Brown SB 277 signing letter June 30th, 2015)

SB 276 Breaks the Legislature’s Promises and contradicts Senators Pan and Allen’s own public promises made during the SB 277 hearings: “medical exemption that is at the professional judgment of the physician” (Pan) and a “strong and robust medical exemption so that anybody who has a legitimate medical concern…can get a medical exemption from a doctor” (Allen).

SB 276 Threatens the Doctor-Patient Relationship, a concern to all doctors and patients. It would be unprecedented to have a law that a doctor could not provide honest advice.

Now Senator Pan is behind SB 276. He says it’s to stop doctors from making false exemptions. The state can already investigate doctors without new legislation and it has – with no findings of any wrongdoing.  What SB276 will do if passed, is stop doctors from writing exemptions even for the children that need them.

According to the bill, any doctor who writes more then five exemptions in a year will be automatically investigated. How will this work for pediatric oncologists? Are they supposed to have a lottery to see which of their immune compromised patients will be able to go to school? How many doctors won’t write exemptions for children who need them because of these limits?  SB 276 is an outrage!

No matter what your stance on vaccines, the government should not get between patients and doctors to make medical decisions.  The government has no right to practice medicine without a license.

Vaccines have not been placebo safety tested and since 1986 the pharmaceutical companies that make them have zero liability if you or your child is injured or killed from a vaccine.  You have to sue our government if there is an injury and the fact that there has been over four billion dollars paid out – with a maximum payment of $250,000 for death – shows that vaccine do injure and kill.  These companies need to be liable again for vaccine injury – only then will they do actual gold standard safety testing.

This bill is expensive. SB 276 as currently written would put school vaccine medical exemptions under the scrutiny of a state bureaucrat, penalizing children and their doctors rather than creating a bill that would specifically target unscrupulous doctors. It’s estimated that the cost of SB 276 will be in excess of $50 million in the first year and approximately $35 million in each subsequent year, with an additional $650 million potential loss in school funding when families with vaccine injured or medically fragile children are forced to pull their children out of public school.

SB 276 would require all approved medical exemptions be included in a database accessible to the California Department of Public Health – creating potential HIPAA and FERPA privacy issues.

Call your State Senator and your State Representative and tell them to vote NO on SB 276.  

Sign this petition from A Voice for Choice Advocacy:

Share this with all your friends in other counties and tell them to call their representatives and sign the petition as well.

SB276 is an outrage!

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