Thyroid Sessions – Free Event

Thyroid Sessions event – presented by Sean Croxton


I am really looking forward to this event! Details and a link for free registration, and discounted purchase price, if you’d like to buy it,  below.





Your thyroid runs the show. 

Most importantly, it controls your metabolism. That’s a pretty big deal… 

When your thyroid isn’t functioning up to par it can leave you feeling exhausted, overweight, freezing, depressed, constipated, brain foggy, and more.


A few months ago I checked the statistics and found out that over 200 million people worldwide have a thyroid disorder. Only half have been properly diagnosed. And even less are receiving the right treatment.


Sadly, Western medicine has fallen behind when it comes to the latest research on the causes and treatments — both natural and synthetic — for thyroid problems.


And that’s why I’ve brought together a couple dozen of the world’s most knowledgeable experts to teach you EVERYTHING your doctor didn’t tell you about thyroid disorders.


And I mean everything


Chris Kresser reveals the shocking truth about “normal ranges”.


Dr. Dan Kalish walks you through a simple, inexpensive way to test your thyroid at home.


Dr. Kelly Austin shows you how to avoid fillers like gluten and lactose in thyroid meds.


Dr. Alan Christianson teaches you how to shrink thyroid nodules…naturally.


Christa Orecchio discusses real food and lifestyle strategies for hyperthyroid and Graves’ disease.


Dr. Sara Gottfried shows you how to lose weight when your thyroid is off.


Click here to view the entire lineup!


This time around, we’re ditching the slideshow video presentations. Instead, my team and I traveled up and down the West Coast to film high-definition, on-camera interviews with our featured experts.


We’re taking it to a whole other level. I cannot wait for you to see this!


Early enrollment is open now. Click the link below to save your seat. 

- Here’s a link to buy all the session, plus many extra bonuses for only $49

In a couple of weeks, I’ll be sending our early registrants a FREE one-hour interview with our friend Dr. Tom O’Bryan about the impact of gluten consumption on Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, plus more thyroid-related goodies. Be on the lookout!


Please share this event with your friends and family by forwarding this email or by clicking the social media buttons on the Thyroid Sessions website. You just might change someone’s life. 🙂


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