What We Can Do

What we can do!

I wanted to add some updates to “what we can do” to work towards ending GMO’s in our food supply. There are a lot of people starting to take action and it’s making a difference.

First, if you, or your family and friends have not yet seen the movies The Future of Food and The World According to Monsanto, you can watch both for free.  Watch them and then share the links with everyone you know.

Knowledge is power!

The Future of Food can be watched here:



The World According to Monsanto can be watched here:



Then get involved!  There are so many ways to get involved and even spending a few minutes here and there can make a difference.

The best place to start is with your grocery shopping.  Tell your store managers you don’t want GMO’s in your food. GMO’s in our food are showing serious health risks for everyone and they are being hidden in most of our food. (read more about their health risks here: http://www.responsibletechnology.org/gmo-dangers/health-risks

Vote with your fork!  Buy heirloom and organic varieties from your store and local farmers market. Buy pastured and 100% grassfed meat. Corn fed meat is fed GMO corn, unless it’s organic.

The Institute for Responsible Technology has a number of free letters and flyers you can use on their Action Tool Kit page here: http://www.responsibletechnology.org/take-action/action-tool-kit

Join Organic Consumers, Millions Against Monsanto campaign.  They are working on petitions, action groups, and much, much more.


If you live in California, there’s a labeling campaign going on.  You can find out more here,


If you want to learn to teach others about GMO’s, Jeffrey Smith gives wonderful and affordable Speaker Training Courses, online and in person.  More info here:


It’s time to take back our food supply.  Together we CAN make a difference!



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2 Responses to “What We Can Do”

  • I am so glad that you posted this. My husband and I recently watched Food Inc. and were shocked at the practices detailed, especially those of Monsanto. In fact, I just blogged about it today.

    Thanks so much for helping to open others’ eyes regarding GMOs.

    • Mom:

      Thanks for blogging about it too, Shari! The more of us that get the word out, the better. I really like the movie Fresh too. It’s a gentler, more hopeful Food inc.