Dr. Christopher Plague Tonic

Dr. Christopher’s Plague Tonic

The kids are going back to school next week and that usually starts the cold and flu season around here.  We made this a few years ago and for those simple colds/flu’s that don’t need a trip to the Doctors office, it works wonders.  Our family doctor even gave it the thumbs up.  At the first sign of a cold we take this and lots of vitamin C too.

Here’s the recipe:

Take equal amounts –  everything organic if possible –

about one handful or a third of a cup of each:

Coarsely chopped onion 



Hot Peppers – I like to take the seeds out first

Horseradish root – the real stuff, not the jarred kind.

Chop coarsely and put into a blender. Add enough Organic Apple

Cider Vinegar to cover and process. Blend fairly well. It doesn’t have to be

smooth. Pour in a glass jar. Put wax paper under the lid, so no metal can come

into contact with mixture, or use a plastic mason jar lid. After it settles down, there should be about 3/4 inch of vinegar covering the pulp. Sit in a cool, dark place for 2 weeks.

Take 1 – 3 tablespoons per day. If you cannot take that much, start with less and work up to it. The more you take, the more you will build up your hot tolerance.

You can use it daily, up to two tablespoons a day as an immune booster or take more if you’re not feeling well.

Disclaimer: Here at Moms for safe food, we’re moms, not health professionals. We believe in everyone making and being responsible for their own lifestyle choices by doing research and consulting with your family and other trusted advisors. And, if it is a medical opinion you seek, call your doctor.

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